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Edtech Company from Australia: Call Out Campaign

They were looking to hire a US or Canada-based specialist when they discovered there were companies specializing in lead generation and cold calling. They came to BitWide with a request to create a cold call campaign from A to Z (including manual list building)....

Medium-Sized Coaching Company: Call Out Campaign

Our client, a medium-sized coaching company from the US Midwest, has been around for over fifteen years. The company was founded in a different world than the one we are living in now, so there was a need to shake up both their marketing and sales strategies. The client has an internal sales team, but they are mostly focused on closing deals and not on prospecting (which is probably the most time consuming part of the sales process). So they wanted to outsource that part of the process and came to BitWide.

IT Support Provider: Call Out Campaign

Our client, an IT support provider from the Greater Toronto area, has been growing extensively over the past two years. They have been always focusing on industries like retail and manufacturing and now want to explore new opportunities through a cold calling campaign. Being a small business (less than ten people), they decided to look at outsourcing the calling to a provider that specializes in phone call based outreach. They simply don’t have resources and the skill set within the company and would prefer to avoid the challenges that surround hiring and training a new employee.

Financing Business: Call Out Campaign

The client, an established financing business from Philadelphia, PA, has a long history serving organizations in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. In 2021, two company founders decided the organization was ready to go national. This client’s request to BitWide was to target 300 calls per month with three call attempts to each number. Company leaders mentioned they had previous experiences with an off-shore call centre without success, so they would like the callers to be based in North America. Read the whole case study to learn how our client could get 10+ clients in 3 months...

Medium-Sized German software company: Email Marketing Campaign

The main objection was that the company sales representatives were lacking the North America background knowledge and were not sure what the best approach to their target market would be. Company came to BitWide with a request to suggest new paths to improve their sales outreach...

Cybersecurity Company: Email Marketing

During the course of developing their LinkedIn campaign, our client, a cybersecurity company with veterinary hospitals as partners, wanted to extend their reach and boost customer acquisition with an e-mail campaign. In order to reach a large number of hospitals and clinics in need, we recommend a more targeted personal approach to email campaigns. One of the main factors that led to the decision to choose BitWide was to save time, effort, and money on their sales outreach process.

IT Services Provider: LinkedIn services

Our client, an IT Services provider located in the North West US was well established in providing technical support for smaller local businesses. Their history included mostly in-person technical support activities. With Covid-19 visiting client sites became more restricted forcing remote support. When one door closes another door opens. With a market both requiring remote support and being more open to having video conferences and remote assistance, an opportunity arose to expand services nationwide.

Fractional CFO services: LinkedIn Services

Our client, a B.C., Canada based accounting firm that offers fractional CFO services to clients across the country, consists of a small team of accountants. The team is socially comfortable but sales is not the strength of the company. As with many tech companies, the team is technically strong but when we contacted them about our outsourced sales service they immediately appreciated the synergy considering they provide a similarly structured accounting service. Money conscious, our services were more affordable than hiring an employee to do the work for them.

HR Technology Solutions: LinkedIn Services

One of our clients, an Ontario based company providing HR technology solutions, just started hitting the market last year. Their team is quite small (three people), and while they are all heads down with ongoing inquiries from customers, we take over the most time consuming part of the sales process - lead generation and LinkedIn conservation management.

E-Learning Company: LinkedIn Services

Our client, an e-learning company based in California, has been around for three years. They have been seeing positive results and a great interest in their product constantly. Recently, they came to the conclusion that they would like to scale faster but did not have the capacity to handle the entire sales process. So they were on the lookout for a company they can outsource a part of that process. That's how we met this company’s CEO.

Cybersecurity Firm: LinkedIn Services

Our client, a boutique cybersecurity firm from Massachusetts, is managed by two Leaders. They started out shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and it definitely slowed their ability to scale relative to pre-pandemic expectations. As with most organizations the company is looking to create a robust client pool. They only require two new clients in two months. They are amazing at providing security services, but communication and lead gen are not exactly their strong suit. So the client wanted to outsource that process.

Insurance Agent: Facebook Ads

Our client, an Independent Life Insurance agent is one of the most successful insurance agents with a leading insurance company situated in Florida, USA. They are known for their extensive knowledge and unbeatable life insurance products available across North America. Read how BitWide was able to increase leads by analyzing their brand goals and customizing the ads for their specific needs in order to boost their growth.

MSP Company: Fractional Sales

The client had been engaged with BitWide’s Call Out Campaign for a while before they invested in our fractional sales service. They were not satisfied with a sales rep they hired (and fired…) and wanted to explore an alternative path. BitWide proposed that our fractional sales solution has a pool of “ready to go” professional and highly skilled sales reps and was able to onboard a new sales professional for the client that was successfully supporting other BitWide clients already. The onboarding required only a few days from initial engagement to start within days.

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