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Cybersecurity Company


During the course of developing their LinkedIn campaign, our client, a cybersecurity company with veterinary hospitals as partners, wanted to extend their reach and boost customer acquisition with an e-mail campaign. 

In order to reach a large number of hospitals and clinics in need, we recommend a more targeted personal approach to email campaigns. One of the main factors that led to the decision to choose BitWide was to save time, effort, and money on their sales outreach process. 

Early conversations:

Before beginning the email campaign we observed that the veterinary industry was not quite active nor engaging on LinkedIn. Our client needed to be able to communicate with their prospective client more personally, which is what may usually be their client’s typical attitude.


The company size we would target would be small to the smaller sized midsize, the prospect is going to be a senior leader with budgetary control which would often be the owner or CEO of the clinic or hospital. Geographically we were going to prioritize local companies but expand that out over time to be North America-wide.


Because of the seasonal nature of the products and services, our client has limitations on his availability to participate in the sales process, so we chose to implement a hybrid approach that would allow us to fulfill full-service sales requirements and provide an email campaign with lead nurturing, conversation management and follow-ups.

Response And Successes

1st month (total)

Email Marketing BitWide
targeted prospects
conversations (email)
open rate
response rate


2 signed contracts. Results have been consistently positive. Regardless of the times of year that we have been completing end-to-end sales services or if we have been opening the conversations and our client is finishing them their growth has been notable during a time when many organizations are downsizing.

Results (ongoing):

LinkedIn services

From simply building your network to full conversation management and meeting set up, we are super connectors on LinkedIn for you.

Email Marketing

Through strategic email campaigns, we help you create highly effective emails are promoting your brand and increase sales.

Content Creation

The BitWide team builds constructive messaging to be used on the platform to receive the best results from prospects and designs the sales funnel best suited for that platform.

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