LinkedIn Campaign: 30+ Booked Meetings for 2 representatives of a Software Development Company in 3 months

Reading Length: 2 min

Industry: Software Development, IT, Blockchain

Company Size: 1-10 Employees

Target: CEOs, Owners, Software developers, Blockchain developers in the North America

Campaign Type: Appointment Setting, LinkedIn


This startup is a custom IT solutions company based out of Vancouver, Canada, that creates software for businesses to help automate and improve efficiency. They also build products for businesses that integrate with their systems and help alleviate manual processes. The company team members primarily build apps, websites and business tools for businesses to help automate, manage and improve productivity.


Although the company was generating work and completing projects to a high standard they didn’t have enough clientele to continue their growth. And the company representatives reached out to BitWide to develop and execute sales outreach strategies on LinkedIn to get more B2B clients and increase sales.


Lack of meetings

The company had to change their outreach sales strategy in order to increase the number of appointments with qualified leads booked for the company representatives.


BitWIde assigned one of our experienced LinkedIn outreach specialists for the project to develop and execute an efficient outreach sales strategy for the client’s LinkedIn campaign.


Increased Number of Meetings

BitWide created and presented a LinkedIn outreach sales strategy appropriate to target the client’s requirements and their ICP. BitWides strategy included: detailed research, lead list building, personalized messaging for the company’s prospects to get high acceptance and response rates, conversation management and appointment setting for the company’s representatives.

These efforts paid off, leading to a significant increase in the number of scheduled meetings with qualified leads for our client. The messaging strategies implemented by BitWide were successful in creating a positive and approachable image for the company, and contributed to their success in securing new business opportunities and building relationships for the future.

Team Responsible

Lana Andreeva

Account Manager

Norman Poon

Outreach Strategy

Maria Kovalevskaia


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