Fractional Sales:
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The client had been engaged with BitWide’s Call Out Campaign for a while before they invested in our fractional sales service. They were not satisfied with a sales rep they hired (and fired…) and wanted to explore an alternative path. BitWide proposed that our fractional sales solution has a pool of “ready to go” professional and highly skilled sales reps and was able to onboard a new sales professional for the client that was successfully supporting other BitWide clients already. The onboarding required only a few days from initial engagement to start within days.

Early conversations:

The client provides IT and Cyber Security services with a specialty in IT management, remote work systems, and Cloud consulting.  The target market for this campaign is industrial and lumber companies located in British Columbia, Canada (with additional target prospects in Washington State and Ontario). The objective of the service was to re-engage prospects that were previously called by a cold caller and showed some level of interest.

The new sales process was developed, proposed, and after discussions with the client, implemented and executed. Prospects were contacted through email outreach and warm calls. There would be multiple attempts made to reach the prospect using a combination of both methods.

Prospects that showed interest were immediately sent a meeting request which would be confirmed by both the client and prospect. Prospect files are updated in the client CRM (Pipedrive) on a regular basis after any attempts of contact have been made.

Response And Successes

Daily outreach Monday - Thursday

Retargeted Prospects
Average Number of Interested Prospects per Week
Meetings Booked per week

Outcome and Next Steps

Strong results were noticed within days of the campaign launch, with the highlight of the service being a booked meeting for the client on the first day. The client was focused only on engaging hot prospects and leads were cycled out of the funnel if deemed unresponsive. This resulted in authentic communication with those leads that showed interest.


Advanced discussions are taking place to add social media marketing (Facebook) and professional media marketing (LinkedIn) to the services being offered to the clients prospects. Preliminary discussions are also in place to add 24-7 chat support to the clients website to further engage prospects visiting the website.

Email Marketing

Through strategic email campaigns, we help you create highly effective emails are promoting your brand and increase sales.

LinkedIn Services

From simply building your network to full conversation management and meeting set up, we are super connectors on LinkedIn for you.

Content Creation

The BitWide team builds constructive messaging to be used on the platform to receive the best results from prospects and designs the sales funnel best suited for that platform.

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