Fractional Sales:
109 Retargeted Prospects and 3 meetings held by BitWide


This IT/ Cyber Security client wanted to target industrial and lumber companies located in British Columbia, Canada (with additional target prospects in Washington State and Ontario). They had previously utilised BitWide’s call-out campaign services and were very pleased with the results, so they made the decision to invest in our fractional sales services, which outsource a variety of aspects in the sales design and execution for this campaign. From creating the sales cadence to establishing numerous contact points to attending client meetings, BitWide takes care of conversation management and has the fractional sales service customised to the liking of the client.


Lacking Sales Experts
The customer lacked an experienced B2B sales and lead research team and had a small workforce. They hired a sales representative but were dissatisfied with the outcome so they decided to come to BitWide.

Lost Prospects
It can be challenging and time-consuming for our client to follow up with prospects they haven’t had a chance to relay back to, so BitWide reaches out to previous prospects that had fallen through the cracks.


Ready to-go Sales Experts
Our fractional sales system offers a pool of “ready to go” professional and highly skilled sales reps. This client had a workforce change,so the BitWide team started working on sales and covered any gaps with ease and speed.The onboarding process required only a few days from the initial discussion to the launch of campaigns.

New Sales Process
After conversations with the client, the new sales process was developed, proposed, and then implemented. Warm calls and email outreach were used to contact prospects several times using a combination of both strategies. Meetings were scheduled and attended by our sales staff. BitWide also wrote scripts, arranged negotiations, and rigorously worked to get results for our client.


Strong results were noticed within days of the campaign launch, including a meeting booked on the first day. The client was focused only on engaging hot prospects and leads were cycled out of the funnel if deemed unresponsive. This resulted in authentic communication with those leads that showed interest.

“I can highly recommend BitWide. Really good results, reasonable and professional / dedicated / reliable staff. Looking forward to a long-term business partnership with Lana and her team!”

Team Member Responsible

Lana Andreeva

Account Manager

Email Marketing

Through strategic email campaigns, we help you create highly effective emails are promoting your brand and increase sales.

LinkedIn Services

From simply building your network to full conversation management and meeting set up, we are super connectors on LinkedIn for you.

Content Creation

The BitWide team builds constructive messaging to be used on the platform to receive the best results from prospects and designs the sales funnel best suited for that platform.

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