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Why use a phone call campaign?

Is the cold calling dead? In many ways yes it is… but not in all cases. It all comes down to your buyer and two key questions: 

1/ How do they like to communicate?

2/ What is the most likely way that they will talk to you? 

If it makes sense to call in order to increase your prospects then that is the avenue to choose. 

Cold calling provides an opportunity to target organizations that might not be active on social platforms and also don’t have direct contact information for your buyer. 

Dig in to the Process

Similar to everything we do, it always starts by understanding your current sales process through an interview. Once we understand your offering and your target prospect, we will endeavour to build a script to be used in an introductory call to those prospects. We will then build our list of contacts and phone numbers to begin the program. Finally we set up our dialers and train our people to begin your campaign.

Everything that happens along the way is tracked. We can attempt multiple calls to each number until we make contact, track each call and its outcome right down to the amount of time spent on each call. The tracking allows us to consistently evaluate ways to improve and analyze the areas that are going well.

Why BitWide for cold and warm calling campaigns?

Native English Speakers
Our callers are located in North America, and are native or near native English speakers. We can also support a number of other languages if needed – just ask!
Assigned Account Manager

Along with your Account Manager, there will be a team of four sales professionals working on strategy for you behind the scenes.

Different Time Zones

Our head office may be in Canada, but we are available across most global time zones.

Script On and Off

Our callers understand that that scripts only go so far. They will go off script based on the flow of conversation to enhance the chance of hitting your goals.


Dedication to each prospect is important. This means more than one touch is the key to success regardless of the campaign.

Regular Meetings

We schedule regular meetings with you to make sure you know how your campaign is performing.

Our Strong Points

Strategic Sales Design
Sales based Neuro Psychology
Focus and Discipline
Human Driven
Time Value
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Call Out Sales Strategy

Your needs are unique to you, your organization and your prospects. With limited time and a target prospect pool that responds best to a phone call then this is the solution for you. It’s customized based on decades of experience. There are specific times that this is the ideal option and you have full transparency on everything we do during the call out campaign.

Our evaluation period focuses on learning, understanding and thoughtful processing of your current situation. Call design, script design, targeting plan and list building culminating with exceptional execution. The process is yours, execution is our responsibility. Kinda like snowflakes, no two strategies are exactly the same.

Case Studies

Driving leads for amazing companies

We are knowledgeable and experienced

With Decades of sales experience on our team and our data driven knowledge based approach we have the experience you need on your team. However, it isn’t only about our know-how and time invested in doing what we do. It’s about grit, persistence, consistency, focus and discipline. 

When you work with us you get the best of both worlds. Tenacity and Experience. It’s what makes us great.

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