Call out campaign:
medium-sized coaching company


Our client, a medium-sized coaching company from the US Midwest, has been around for over fifteen years. The company was founded in a different world than the one we are living in now, so there was a need to shake up both their marketing and sales strategies. The client has an internal sales team, but they are mostly focused on closing deals and not on prospecting (which is probably the most time consuming part of the sales process). So they wanted to outsource that part of the process and came to BitWide.

Early conversations:

As always, we started with some general interviews in order to get more information on what the client’s ideal customer looks like. As the company wanted BitWide to perform cold calls the primary caller assigned to this task attended meetings with the client, thus providing the caller with a better understanding of what the client’s company was about and what they were looking for.

We crafted a call script together and then built a targeted list of contacts in a given area (the Midwest states as for a start). We successfully complete over 70 calls per day three days a week for that company.

The general rule is the more calls a cold caller makes, the more familiar they are becoming with the company’s service/product and the better they can present its value proposition.

Quick fact

Although BitWide and all employees are located in Canada, we use a call-out application that allows us to mask a phone number to look like it belongs to the US state the caller is calling to.

bitwide callout campaign

Response And Successes

1 month (Total)

Months 2-3 (ongoing):

2 agreements were pending
Targeted Prospects
Response rate
Presentations scheduled


The client started getting traction from the second week. They especially appreciate the fact that our cold callers are all on-shore (based in Alberta, Canada). The company’s CEO mentioned they considered it to be “a premium service”.

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