LinkedIn Campaign:
10+ Meetings Booked in First 5 Weeks for Indian Blockchain Startup

Reading Length: 2 min

Industry: Blockchain technologies

Company Size: 100 Employees

Target: Senior Management of  Mid-sized North American Tech Companies

Campaign Type: Appointment Setting, LinkedIn


This blockchain startup from India is a low-code platform for managing Blockchain infrastructure. The platform allows enterprise-grade deployment of Blockchain nodes and networks on the cloud of choice, and monitoring the analytics of the Blockchain infrastructure. Even though this company was effective at resolving client struggles and managing Blockchain infrastructure they were having issues developing leads and converting sales. We stepped in to re-invent their LinkedIn and Email Marketing strategies. They definitely have the expertise on blockchain but when it comes to B2B lead generation and go-to market strategies we were hired as their white label experts.


Low conversion/few leads

This company needed more new leads, moreover, quality leads to increase response and conversion rates. This also presents a challenge considering their niche industry only allows for a limited prospect pool. BitWide would need to provide extensive lead research and work with proper messaging templates.


High workload

This client needed someone to manage their LinkedIn page on a daily basis with an ability to consistently reply to prospects and invite them to meetings. BitWide was able to provide a solution solving this capacity issue and ensure lead conversations were being managed effectively. 


Customized messaging

BitWide created messaging that is concise and approachable for the target prospects. One of the most important objectives for our messaging was to create a friendly and trustworthy tone. This strategy was aimed to develop replies by making accounts more approachable and encouraging genuine conversations.


Constant Supervision

BitWide assigned this client an account manager that would continually check up on their campaign. Reliably communicating with prospects and relaying important information back to the company contacts. This process ensures no prospects slip through the cracks and our clients stay informed on the work being done.

Team Responsible

Norman Poon

Account Manager

Daniel Kostek

Client Support Manager

Toj Rehill

LinkedIn Outreach Specialist

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