LinkedIn Campaign:
30+ Meetings and
7+ New Clients For IT Service Provider in 4 Months

Reading Length: 2 min

Industry: Information Technology

Company Size: 1-10 Employees

Target: Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Retail

Campaign Type: Appointment Setting, LinkedIn


This client provided technical support for smaller local businesses in the Northwest of the US. Because the market required remote help and was more responsive to video conferencing as a result of the pandemic, there was an opportunity to provide services throughout the nation. They reached out to BitWide to get support in growing their online presence and securing new clients across the nation.


Result of the Pandemic
They previously gave in-person technical help but because of the pandemic, visiting client sites became increasingly restricted, necessitating remote support. This gave a chance for the company to extend their services but in order to do so they need to reach clients.



Expanding the Business
The initial phase of the plan involved BitWide assisting the company in growing their local clientele. We understood that for the firm to succeed, it needed to have the ability to expand to a much larger geographic region.


Identifying the Target Market
We needed to identify the suitable business sectors for the platform of choice, as well as the firm size, target role, and geo-target.


BitWide chose the LinkedIn solution as a way to connect directly with decision makers and professionals that fit the company’s target demographic.In order to grow their clientele, we looked at potential clients that needed assistance with online services and remote support. BitWide developed a LinkedIn message for the client that reflected the CEO’s easygoing and laid-back demeanour. 

Client Testimonial

“BitWide has allowed me to expand my customer base both from a geographic standpoint and from a revenue standpoint. My team is easy to approach, bounce ideas off of and work with. I was spending hours a day prospecting and they have taken that work off my plate. I am very happy with the service.”

Team Responsible

Lana Andreeva

Account Manager

Liubov Zhilina

Campaign Manager

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