LinkedIn Lead Generation:
IT Services Provider


Our client, an IT Services provider located in the North West US was well established in providing technical support for smaller local businesses. Their history included mostly in-person technical support activities. With Covid-19 visiting client sites became more restricted forcing remote support. 

When one door closes another door opens. With a market both requiring remote support and being more open to having video conferences and remote assistance, an opportunity arose to expand services nationwide.

Early conversations:

During our first conversation and brainstorming session, the plan started with us helping to expand the client base locally for our client. Quickly we recognized the opportunity to expand to a much larger geographic area. We created messaging to be used on LinkedIn for the client that matched his (the CEO) style being laid back and casual. We defined the company size, target role, geo-target, and ideal industries that respond most effectively on the platform of choice.

Response And Successes

1st month (total)

Months 2-4 (total):

targeted invites sent
invites accepted
thank you messages sent
meetings scheduled
meetings completed


The meetings completed have produced a notable revenue increase for the client. 13 companies have either signed on to agreements or are in the progress of signing on as a new client.

End Result

Client Testimonial

BitWide has allowed me to expand my customer base both from a geographic standpoint and from a revenue standpoint. My team is easy to approach, bounce ideas off of and work with. I was spending hours a day prospecting and they have taken that work off my plate. I am very happy with the service.

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