LinkedIn Lead Generation:
Boutique Cybersecurity Firm


Our client, a boutique cybersecurity firm from Massachusetts, is managed by two Leaders. They started out shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and it definitely slowed their ability to scale relative to pre-pandemic expectations. As with most organizations the company is looking to create a robust client pool. They only require two new clients in two months. They are amazing at providing security services, but communication and lead gen are not exactly their strong suit. So the client wanted to outsource that process. 

Early conversations:

We started with general interviews in order to get more information on their business approach and target industries. A week after all onboarding calls, we launched a targeted LinkedIn campaign. We created messaging that was tailored to our client’s style – casual, as their target market is not business people that tend to use phrases like “to whom it may concern” in their business messages.

The optimal target persona for this client is a small retail company owner that is normally more laid-back and casual. Geographically, we decided to go with Massachusetts and surrounding, physically connected states first. We expanded the target out to all of the US recently, since many businesses went virtual amid the pandemic and are now able to hire specialists without geographic limitations.

This company’s target is very niche, that’s why we came to the decision not only to launch a LinkedIn campaign but also a follow up email campaign. Channel diversification helps the client gain more traction and get more touch points with potential clients. It also helps collect more contacts for future engagement.

Response And Successes

1 month (Total)

Months 2-6 (ongoing):

52 total with 6 highly-engaged
1 agreement was pending
targeted prospects
acceptance rate
conversations (digital)


The client started getting traction from the 10th day. They are currently having meetings with qualified leads and thinking of hiring one more person in order to handle all the inquiries.

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