LinkedIn Campaign:
25+ Meetings & 5+ Clients For Boutique Cybersecurity Firm

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Industry: Cybersecurity, Information Technology

Company Size: 1-10 Employees

Target: Small Businesses & Retail

Campaign Type: Lead Gen & Nurturing, LinkedIn


This company is a boutique cybersecurity firm in Massachusetts that targets small retail business owners who are generally more laid-back and casual. Even though this company provides excellent security services, the pandemic halted their ability to scale relative to pre-pandemic expectations. The two leaders reached out to BitWide because of our expertise in B2B lead generation and go-to market strategies.


Limited Resources
The firm reached out to BitWide to handle their sales since they lacked experience in lead generation and B2B marketing and wanted to avoid spending time and resources on recruiting and employing new staff.

Lacking Sales Diversity
This client had no social media profile and relied solely on cold calling to connect with potential consumers. So BitWide needed to diversify the sales channels, so that they could connect with more potential clients and get more traction.


Expanding the Market
We expanded the target out to all of the US, since many businesses went virtual amid the pandemic and are now able to hire specialists without geographic limitations.


Connecting with Target Market
We generated and customised messages for this client based on their preference for a more casual communication style, as our customer’s target group does not frequently consist of business people whose language is formal. BitWide’s solution to reach more clients for a difficult and niche market was to launch the LinkedIn campaign with an additional follow up email campaign.

"Bitwide team is a seasoned sales expert who truly understands the clients' best interests. Bitwide team has a great ability to build connections which open the door to promising dialogue for win/win outcomes.

Bitwide team allowed us to keep the focus on our growing business, as they went above and beyond in acting as our sales partner. Norman and Natalia use a mix of PR tactics to continuously build our visibility in the real estate space. Natalia is a real pro! She’s organized, meticulous and results-oriented. Natalia is only a phone call away and she was always prompt in fulfilling my urgent requests.

If you are looking for lead generation expertise look no further, Bitwide will make it happen!"

Team Responsible

Norman Poon

Norman Poon

Account Manager

Liubov Zhilina

Campaign Manager

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Through strategic email campaigns, we help you create highly effective emails are promoting your brand and increase sales.

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