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Email Marketing

Our strategically-oriented, customized email campaigns will help you create effective outreach for promoting your brand and increasing sales.

Call Out Campaigns

Personalized call out campaigns with professional, knowledgeable callers will help to generate more leads for your business.

LinkedIn Solutions

From building your network, to full conversation management and booking meetings, your LinkedIn will never seem more connected to the needs of your business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook targeting will create a Custom Audience of prospects who visit your site and take certain actions while there. This will ensure that your advertisements are reaching the right prospects at the right time.

Fractional Sales

Want to fully outsource your sales team, even part-time? We can do that too! From establishing an effective sales funnel to closing deals, we're ready to work closely with you to find the best prospects for your business.

Content Creation

Our team will create messaging suitable for both your type of outreach and your sales goals. From email, to blog posts, and even social media, we will ensure that your message is both effective and appropriate to bringing in your ideal prospects.

Who We Are:

Our commitment to our services and our practices define who we are and what we can do for you. We are:

  • Human Powered
  • Data Driven
  • Forward Thinking
  • Disciplined
  • Persistent
  • Committed

What to Expect:

We’ll collaborate closely with you from start to finish to ensure that we define and meet your expectations of success, including:

  • Defining Your Prospects
  • Building Prospect Lists
  • Strategizing Outreach Processes
  • Creating Effective Messaging
  • Optimizing Your Sales Funnel
  • Discussing and Implementing Feedback
  • Reporting and Acting on Results
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We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

All sales consultants live in either the US or Canada, and yes they are living, breathing human beings – in case you were wondering that too…

All of our clients names are held in the strictest of confidence. Our Sales Consultants operate as Consultants of your organization, not ours so all public appearances surround your organization.

We operate during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, and a single consultant will reach out to as many as 50 new prospects per day depending on the size of your target market.

90% of our communication is pre-determined and approved by you in advance. If we get a question we can’t answer we simply ask you to help us answer it.

No it’s not mandatory. However, there is a benefit to having an internal email address that Consultants can use for their online profiles. We would need to have web access to the email account if that is something you can provide.

The set-up takes 2 weeks or less over 90% of the time depending on the complexity of your product or service. Once set up we begin targeting prospects immediately and momentum consistently builds over the following 4 weeks.

Hire more consultants. Our pricing that targets 50 prospects per day is what one consultant can manage for your account. Realistically you could hire 5 of our Consultants for the cost of 1 inside sales rep, and you don’t pay us any bonuses or commissions. Those 5 Consultants could reach out to 5,000 targeted prospects per month.

Although we are not against closing a deal for you and if you have a highly transactional business that will happen. However, we are specialists at having prospects go through your sales funnel and provide you with the strongest and most interested leads. We follow a repetitive process, do most of the grunt work up front and you or your team should have a high probability to close the deal when you step in at the later stages of the sales process.

Our clients success is our success

Let's create success together