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BitWide has a collection of fun and eccentric team members. We also provide flexible work schedule arrangement.

What we do

BitWide helps small to medium sized companies grow by taking on aspects of their sales process. Basically we get sales for them. 

We help our clients reach their target audience using pre-defined messaging to try and get those prospects interested in considering our client’s products and services. The outreach is done through various channels such as email, social media, and live outreach.

BitWide team

Marketing Outreach Coordinator

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Marketing Outreach Coordinator

What you will be doing:

  • Connecting with people primarily through live phone conversations.
  • Qualifying prospects to make sure they are good leads for a client;
  • Entering information into a database;
  • Transitioning a good lead from us to the client;
  • Analyzing and reporting.

What we need:

1) Nice to haves:

  • Average Communication skills
  • So-so technology skills and adaptability
  • Adequate attention to detail
  • Typical reliability
  • Run of the mill team player
  • Middle of the road learner

2) Must haves:

  • Strong sense of humour

We can teach the rest, we just need to like you.

Job Type: Casual, Part-time

Salary: From $16.00 per hour

Schedule: Monday to Friday