Call Out Campaign:
28 meetings & 10+ Clients Generated for Niche Edtech Firm in the First 3 Months

Reading Length: 5min

Industry: Education & Finance Technology

Company Size: 20-50 Employees

Target: North American Universities and Student Organizations

Campaign Type: Cold Calling


This niche Edtech firm created a streamlined financial hub designed for student clubs and societies. Creating a one stop shop for accounting and transactions as well as an online banking platform for student purchases. This client was seeing great success in their Australian market and wanted to expand throughout North America and the UK. All company representatives were based down under throughout our partnership and needed some expertise in this new market.

They were looking for North American based specialists who understood their target consumers and could generate effective business connections. Coming to us with a request to create their cold calling campaign from start to finish, including research, manual list building, and execution.

Early Conversations:

The client requested that BitWide build the initial contact list of 300 educational institutions across North America and call them within three months. Their sales manager wanted us to make up to three attempts to each number to ensure we had every opportunity to connect.

The client provided BitWide with a clear value proposition and common objections. However, they preferred us to work off-script – we put the actual script and FAQ in place but gave maximum flexibility to our personable caller. This was an excellent fit for BitWide as we aim to avoid robotic scripts to help conversations flow more naturally resulting in more effective lead-building.


Working with the firm’s needs and our team’s diverse experience across industries we were able to create a successful strategy in the first month. However, striving to improve the campaign’s success metrics we continued to optimize our approach as well as the prospect list. 


By learning from the first month of the campaign, we could tweak our approach and boost all success metrics in the following two months. The number of prospect conversations more than doubled in the following months leading to a higher rate of meaningful connections for our client.  

28 meetings resulting in 12 pending clients after the first 2 months. 

We hired BitWide to reach out to our defined target audience within the Canadian and UK markets to set up appointments for our Campus Engagement Advisors through telemarketing. We worked collaboratively to tweak the script and campaign objective(s), which elevated overall metrics. BitWide provided their best work to deliver solutions in a relatively unfamiliar and niche market.

Team Responsible

Lana Andreeva

Account Manager

Camila Ching

Camila Ching


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Bitwide team allowed us to keep the focus on our growing business, as they went above and beyond in acting as our sales partner. Norman and Natalia use a mix of PR tactics to continuously build our visibility in the real estate space. Natalia is a real pro! She’s organized, meticulous and results-oriented. Natalia is only a phone call away and she was always prompt in fulfilling my urgent requests.

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