Cold-Out campaign:
500+ Calls and
4+ New Clients for a Short-Term Cold Calling Project

Reading Length: 2 min

Industry: Manufacturing and consultancy

Company Size: 10 – 50 employees

Target: COO, CEO, Operations Manager, General Manager, Owner

Campaign Type: Cold-calling, Lead Generation


Alberta based engineering consultancy firm is experienced in working with exterior manufacturers with custom products like trim, flashing, roofing and panels. The mission of the company is to lead, inspire and empower custom manufacturing businesses to achieve process excellence, to process lead-time, cost, complexity and risks, to find bottlenecks or opportunities for improvements in the existing process and start working on the most important ones. The main advantage that highlights the company among competitors is that the company offers turn-key solutions and takes responsibility for the whole process working together with their clients to deliver projects that will return tangible value.


Getting to right people / decision makers

The biggest challenge for the company was to find key people or connect with them while doing cold calls or email campaigns themselves. BitWide had to provide an outstanding data specialist who would be able to create high quality contact lists with phone numbers of necessary people responsible for the manufacturing process.


Lack of calling skills

Another challenge for the company turned out to be lack of cold calling skills which could help to overcome prospects’ objections and convince them to have a discovery call with the representatives of this manufacturing company. BitWide needed to provide a skilled cold-caller to overcome this challenge and be able to book meetings with the leads.


Success in getting the right prospects

BitWide data specialist did professional research among potential prospects in a hard to find target and created an effective contact list for the cold calling campaign which was approved by representatives of the client. Most of the leads were available for a conversation and quite easy to reach that made calling more useful.


Cold-calling strategy

The Company provided all the necessary marketing materials to the BitWide cold calling specialist. It helped to get familiarised with the service the organisation offered, and create an efficient script. 

One of the Client’s requests was to obtain detailed reports on the conversations made to monitor the on-going campaign results.
BitWide provided the Client with all the analytical data on a constant basis, discussed the on-going results and implemented the optimizations to increase conversions.

Was great working with BitWdie. Throughout the campaign, Lana consistently exceeded our expectations by providing regular updates on the progress of our campaign. Her communication was excellent, and she was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. What we appreciated most about BitWide was their strategic approach to cold calling. They took the time to understand our business and target audience, and developed a customized script and approach that resonated with our prospects.

Team Responsible

Campaign Manager & Account Manager responsible for the project with the links to their pages on the website or LI pages

Lana Andreeva

Account Manager

Daniel Kostek

Client Support Manager

Maria Kovalevskaia


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