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Why Fractional Sales?

Hiring the right sales team is difficult. Contains a lot of unknowns. So much time goes into trying to design a sales process, and hire a team, train the team etc. It takes months to know if you have the right people. 

Fractional sales allows you to outsource those pieces, guide you on building a sales process, then execute on that process driving the sales almost all the way to conclusion. 

Dig in to the Process

We start by understanding your current sales process through an extensive evaluation. We understand your offering, process mapping of the entire process, creating a mechanism to target those prospects. Everything within the process uses our current expertise but is customized to create a sales system that you are fully onboard with. 

We can create a paragraph or two trying to explain what we do within our fully outsourced program. However, brief explanations wont do this program justice. It’s best to talk with us about the process and expected results. Ultimately this program takes sales end to end. You may need to step in for final negotiations. However, we do everything else. 

Our Strong Points

Strategic Sales Design
Sales based Neuro Psychology
Focus and Discipline
Human Driven
Time Value

Customized Fully Outsourced Sales Strategy

Your needs are unique to you, your organization and your prospects. If you don’t have the time or are struggling with getting the right people on board quickly enough this is the right solution for you. It’s customized based based on decades of experience. It’s really your team just operationally managed by us with results being the primary goal.

Our evaluation period focuses on learning, understanding and thoughtful processing of your current situation.  Process design, script design, targeting platforms, personnel selection, approval, and then finally execution. The process is yours, execution is our responsibility. Kinda like snowflakes, no two strategies are exactly the same.

We are knowledgeable and experienced

With Decades of sales experience on our team and our data driven knowledge based approach we have the experience you need on your team. However, it isn’t only about our know-how and time invested in doing what we do. It’s about grit, persistence, consistency, focus and discipline. 

When you work with us you get the best of both worlds. Tenacity and Experience. It’s what makes us great.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

LinkedIn Solutions

From simply building your network to full conversation management and meeting set up, we are super connectors on LinkedIn for you.

Content Creation

The BitWide team builds constructive messaging to be used on the platform to receive the best results from prospects and designs the sales funnel best suited for that platform.

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