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IT Support Provider


Our client, an IT support provider from the Greater Toronto area, has been growing extensively over the past two years. They have been always focusing on industries like retail and manufacturing and now want to explore new opportunities through a cold calling campaign. Being a small business (less than ten people), they decided to look at outsourcing the calling to a provider that specializes in phone call based outreach. They simply don’t have resources and the skill set within the company and would prefer to avoid the challenges that surround hiring and training a new employee.

Early conversations:

The client came to BitWide with a simple ask: to build the targeted contact list, make two hundred cold calls per month, and provide reporting. This company’s CEO primary objective was that the cold caller should be a Canada based, English native speaker and familiar with standards of communication in the local market. Also, the customer wanted the cold caller to be flexible with the sales script and able to redirect the conversation if needed.

BitWide started with the sales script creation followed by building the contact list of decision makers to call. We set up mock calls between the client and the cold caller, so they could discuss the sales script variations and objectives directly. Our cold caller was also provided with marketing materials from the client company, which helped them familiarize themselves with the service that company was providing.

The caller started with two dozen calls per day and got more confident after the first few days. After the first three to four weeks of calls the client company had appointments scheduled with hot leads, and BitWide received very positive feedback from their CEO. The company especially valued the fact that the caller was on-shore (they called it “a premium service”) and wasn’t “a slave to the script”. And last but not least, the caller was experienced enough to not be affected when rejected. 

Response And Successes

1 month (Total)

Months 2-3 (ongoing):

4 agreements were pending
Targeted Prospects
Pick up rate
Send more information requests
8+ (some pending)

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