Call Out Campaign:
30+ meetings and 8+ new clients acquired for an IT support company located in the greater Toronto region.

Reading Length: 3 min

Industry: Information Technology

Company Size: 1 – 10 Employees

Target: Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail

Campaign Type: Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Cold Calling


This client provides IT and Cyber Security services with a specialty in IT management, remote work systems, and Cloud consulting. This company had previously focused on areas such as manufacturing and retail, but they now wanted to explore new avenues for growth. Founded in 2016, they gradually grew their business and intended to expand throughout Canada. They selected BitWides B2B sales outreach service to assist them in getting new clients without having to hire and train additional workers.


Small In-house Team –  This business lacked a team that was familiar with sales and lead generation, so they contacted BitWide in order to reach out to clients based in Canada and callers who had adequate knowledge of the standards of communications associated with the local market. 

Outsourcing Lead Generation – The company needed a team to help create and develop reliable contact lists, to avoid the many difficulties of hiring and training new employees.


Sales Script 

The first stage in the support for a call-out campaign was to develop a sales script, which entailed developing a clear yet open script that flexible callers could use as a guide.

The next steps to a successful campaign were to build a list of decision makers and people who are qualified leads when it comes to closing a deal.

Cold-Calling Strategy 

BitWide also set up mock conversations with the client company and the cold caller to discuss the sales script variants and objectives directly.

Our cold caller was also given marketing materials form the client company, which helped them in becoming familiarized with the service the organization offered.

The client specified that they wanted BitWide to great the contact lists, make 200 calls per month, and provide analytical reporting on the campaign.

BitWide received very positive feedback from their CEO. The company especially valued the fact that the caller wasn’t a “slave to the script” and was located on-shore calling it “a premium calling service.”

Team Responsible

Lana Andreeva

Account Manager

Camila Ching

Camila Ching


Norman Poon

Norman Poon

List Builder & Script Writer

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