Origin Story

Why we started in outbound lead generation

Our History

BitWide founders Shawn and Norman have been providing customized outbound lead generation solutions to Canadian companies since 1987.

We started as Head Hunters. Not real Head Hunters – that would be cruel! We worked closely with numerous companies to convince talent to move from one company to another.

While working with companies that were either clients or prospective clients, we found a consistent problem that almost all of these organizations had: recruitment needs were predicated on sales. Sales, from strategy through to execution, was a real problem.


That’s when we started building and executing on cold calling, LinkedIn, and email lead generation based growth solutions for our partners based on their B2B SaaS lead generation objectives. We started really focusing on lead generation for SaaS companies but over time have become more of a  lead generation consultant for our clients. We define funnel strategies, communications and, maybe most importantly, we do the grunt work around implementing the strategy. We’re salespeople after all – we have to sell!


An excellent idea won’t matter if it isn’t executed, so excellence in execution became our focus too. The bottom line is that we aren’t “In-the-box” thinkers, because we feel you don’t have “In-the-box” needs.

Shawn Baldwin

No Company is too small

Our headquarters may be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but our team spans Continents. Our clients range from one person shops to massive enterprises, start-up, scale-up, established, it doesn’t matter we have grown all types and ranges of organizations.

Outsourced Lead Generation

Currently we support a multitude of verticals but we specialize in B2B, relationship based sales companies that have an opportunity to scale with a higher LTV from their prospects. Our strategies and execution are customized for each client but based on decades of practice.

Outbound Sales

BitWide prides itself on our ability to combine proven old-school tactics with new-age digital targeted sales effectively. We leverage multiple technological platforms to provide multiple angles of outreach to prospects.

The team

Our leadership team that will be guiding your success has over 50 years of experience finding the sales you need almost anywhere in the World. We sell during business hours but are available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

Shawn Baldwin

Growth Protagonist

a.k.a. coffee acquisition manager.


Norman Poon

Norman Poon

Good looking guy

Found all these awesome people you’re looking at right now.

Screenshared 390+ Masterclass episodes, created and edited 600+ message templates.

Stephanie DSouza

Ads Pro

Makes us look better.


Liubov Zhilina

Tech Fairy

Never says no to great ideas, and ready to take them over.

Set up 100+ various tools, created 70+ guides, organized the client work and managed various projects.

Lana Andreeva

Coffee Queen

Fun to work with. Lots of fun but get stuff done.

Had 550+ meetings, helped 40+ clients to reach their goals.

Denis Tomka

Growth Analyst

The info about Denis

Julia Ivlicheva

Conversation Princess

Can talk to anyone.

Sent 4000+ proposals, created hundreds of lists and organized 455+ meetings.

Omobola Ogunti

Omobola Ogunti

Accountant and Data Specialist

The info about Omobola

Natalia Heny

Client Support Specialist

The info about Natalia

Riley Collins

Client Support Specialist

The info about Riley

Camila Ching

Camila Ching

Client Support Specialist

The info about Camila

Daniel Kostek

Daniel Kostek

Client Support Specialist

The info about Daniel

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

Shawn Baldwin

Chief Executive Officer

Norman Poon

Chief Customer Officer

Liubov Zhilina

Director of Innovation and Technology

Camila Ching

Customer Success Manager

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