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A sales funnel is the process your prospects must go through before deciding to become your customers. Imagine a real-life funnel. At the top, some substance is poured in, which goes down to one fixed destination. In sales, something similar occurs. At the top, many visitors arrive who may enter your sales funnel. In contrast to a real sales funnel, not all visitors entering your sales funnel will emerge from the other end. However, by keeping in mind these key elements and not falling into the common pitfalls, you can improve the closing rate.

Let’s say that you have a few different ways of reaching your prospects. You have to get them into a conversion phase now that they have entered your funnel. One of the keys is how many meetings will be required, especially if it is a B2B product. Once you have a prospect, what are you going to do with them before you get them to make a commitment? In this video I have explained how you need to design your funnel, so you know exactly how you’re going to get them into that meeting, how you’re going to make sure they’re there and how you’re going to get them into the next meeting.

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