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Why LinkedIn Lead Gen?

LinkedIn is the world’s leading B2B connector for professionals. People on the platform are there to connect, network and engage. With millions of target prospects available to chat  LinkedIn provides more opportunity than anywhere else available today to connect directly with the decision maker that will ideally become your buyer.

We invite over 40,000 professionals each month to connect with our clients, set up meetings for them and generate quality leads every day.

Dig in to the Process

Like everything we do, we start with defining your target market…  who is your buyer? Who will be open to talking about what you offer? Once we understand who is likely to buy your product or service we build a targeting strategy that will invite your prospects to connect. 

This strategy will include message design that we know will work, we follow that up with a thank you message, follow up messaging that is unique based on whether the prospect is responsive or not. Once we are engaged in a conversation we can schedule meetings directly on your behalf.

We are human powered. Yes we use a few tools to support our work for efficiency purposes, but there is no AI used to converse with your prospects. We are a team of sales people that engage, custom messaging based on nuances that exist with human interactions. Would AI be easier? Maybe but it wouldn’t give you the quality of interaction that you need. We do these activities every day, consistently, persistently and with a focus you won’t see anywhere else. 

We are all located in North America… no offshoring work when you sign on with us.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Strategic Sales Design
Sales based Neuro Psychology
Focus and Discipline
Human Driven
Time Value

Customized LinkedIn Strategy

Your needs are unique to you, your organization and your prospects. Some of our clients prefer volume. They would like us to connect with as many prospects as possible, others prefer quality. Lower volumes but more touch points with a prospect. Others want both the volume and the quality. We provide the service that meets your budget and achieves your goals. No matter the direction you need, we are on it every single business day.

Our messaging and process is not a secret recipe. You approve everything we do and the messaging we use. There is no risk of going rogue. You know what is happening and we are constantly in contact with you to revise and improve what we are doing for you. You are involved in each step and we guide you through everything you need to know and think about. However, the end result of the program we initiate will be unique to you and your organization. Kinda like snowflakes, no two strategies are exactly the same.

We are knowledgeable and experienced

With Decades of sales experience on our team and our data driven knowledge based approach we have the experience you need on your team. However, it isn’t only about our know-how and time invested in doing what we do. It’s about grit, persistence, consistency, focus and discipline. 

When you work with us you get the best of both worlds. Tenacity and Experience. It’s what makes us great!

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