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Our client, a B.C., Canada based accounting firm that offers fractional CFO services to clients across the country, consists of a small team of accountants. The team is socially comfortable but sales is not the strength of the company. 

As with many tech companies, the team is technically strong but when we contacted them about our outsourced sales service they immediately appreciated the synergy considering they provide a similarly structured accounting service. Money conscious, our services were more affordable than hiring an employee to do the work for them.

Early conversations:

During our early interviews and strategic planning we came to understand that the fractional accounting services industry, or accounting services in general are heavily impacted by season. Workload may be heavier during tax time and year-end making sales difficult during those businer times of the year. Fractional services offer an opportunity to create cash certainty for the provider while lowering overall annual costs to the client (That’s a key reason why we offer fractional services ourselves). We were able to understand that our client wanted a more professional styled approach, which may be different from their prospective clients typical attitudes thus needed a balancing act on communications.

The company size we would target would be small to the smaller sized midsize, the prospect is going to be a senior leader with budgetary control which would often be the owner or CEO. Geographically we were going to prioritize local companies but expand that out over time to be provincewide, then nationwide. Due to the seasonal nature creating limitations on availability of our client we decided a hybrid approach that would have us provide full end-to-end sales services during busy times, and LinkedIn networking services with some conversation management during slower times since our client would have more time to be involved in the sales process.

Response And Successes

1st month (total)

Months 2-7 (ongoing):

targeted prospects
conversations (digital)


Client’s results have been consistently positive. Regardless of the times of year that we have been completing end-to-end sales services or if we have been opening the conversations and our client is finishing them their growth has been notable during a time when many organizations are downsizing. This client has been adding more accountants to support their new clients.

Results (Ongoing)

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