Facebook Ads: Insurance Agent


Our client, an Independent Life Insurance agent is one of the most successful insurance agents with a leading insurance company situated in Florida, USA. They are known for their extensive knowledge and unbeatable life insurance products available across North America.

They have been growing extensively over the last few years. In 2021, they decided to partner with BitWide to bring their sales to an even higher level. The client required additional help with getting more leads in Florida, with a Facebook ad strategy and optimization. Essentially, they wanted to target families of certain income groups with an interest in whole life insurance. BitWide was able to increase leads by analyzing their brand goals and customising the ads for their specific needs in order to boost their growth.

Early conversations:

We decided to A/B test both the soft and direct approach. We tailored ad copy and design to evoke emotions surrounding the importance of having “whole life insurance”, by highlighting the value propositions of the client’s products and matching them with the interests of their Facebook audience.

Response And Successes

CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions)
Total Leads
3 months
$558.53 average per month
9,655 People

$24.16 (a 30% reduction over historical CPM)


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