Why Hire an Outsourced Sales Team?

In sales, outsourcing the work of a BDR or sales team to a lead generation company shifts the responsibility of prospecting and nurturing to an outside group. And while you may wonder at the value in that, consider that outsourced sales teams bring considerable expertise, experience, and expediency to the sales process.

This is a common practice, and while it will cost upfront to hire your team of outsourced sales experts, the savings in both time and money outweigh the fee.

We’ve heard the question before: are lead generation companies worth it – as in, will they deliver on ROI and how much will they boost sales?

When you hire an outsourced sales company like BitWide to handle your lead generation needs, we take on the responsibility of hiring, training, coaching, and managing the sales team just as if they were a branch of your own organization, presenting themselves as an extension of your organization and brand ambassadors of your business.

There are numerous advantages to working with an outsourced sales team and dedicated Business Development Representative. Here are just a few.

Outsourcing brings expertise and a proven model

Consider speed to market. In business, it is vital that you get your product or service to market quicker than your competition. When you outsource sales to a b2b email marketing agency you will be able to scale and pivot more effectively based on the dynamics of your target market and your sales channels. 

Sales development reps bring experience in lead generation services and they come equipped with knowledge and training in how to improve the sales function, cadence, reporting for B2B, and how to qualify a sale effectively.

Outsourced lead generation is worth every penny because they bring proven systems and staff

Think of the streamlined processes. Outsourced lead generation brings established processes and systems to the table to help you with both business development and prospecting. When you outsource these functions, you bypass the resource-intensive and time-consuming process of nurturing these systems internally. Outsourced sales means streamlined sales operations, and this means that you hit the ground running from day one of your campaign.

Quicker onboarding and flexible scalability

When you have to hire, train, and maintain an in-house sales team, especially in higher turnover industries, costs can quickly add up. Outsourcing these functions to a lead generation company brings significant cost savings, as you only pay for the services you actually need. This allows your internal staff to allocate its resources more effectively –  investing in areas to drive growth, stoke the fires of research and development, and maximizing overall ROI.

Outsourcing business development for appointment setting or lead gen allows you to maximize your lead generation funnel by leveraging the skills and knowledge of seasoned professionals and a wealth of expertise.

Outsourced lead generation services produce results because of proven track records

The third-party sales wizards here a bit light have a deep understanding of the latest sales technologies, techniques, and best practices. When your outbound sales team leverages their expertise, they bring you warmer leads so that you can close more deals.

Let’s not ignore scalability. As your organization begins to grow, so will the demand for new prospecting and business development processes. When you outsource the majority of your sales efforts, it becomes much easier to scale up or down based on immediate demand. This ensures that your sales team is never too large nor too small, never overburdened nor underutilized. This type of flexibility and the cost savings that come with it, help businesses in every industry maintain a competitive edge.

Outsourcing lets you focus on core competencies

Bringing on a third-party sales team frees up a number of your internal resources allowing you to focus your precious time and energy in other areas. Expert sales reps ensure that you apply your expertise where it belongs, nurturing the qualified leads, closing deals, as well as managing client relationships, product development, customer service and marketing responsibilities.

Sales is a comprehensive, multifaceted process that requires a significant amount of time, money, and personnel allotment. And your internal business teams should be focusing the majority of their time and labour on areas that directly drive revenue growth and profitability. Essentially, outsourced sales BDR teams give you much-needed leeway you need to drive other business functions successfully.

Part of a winning lead generation team

When your outbound sales function as a well-oiled and specialized operation, you’ll enjoy increased efficiency — especially as your internal team is now operating at peak performance.

If you’d like to learn more, our case studies are full of information on our past work and our clients’ past success. We’re always happy to share our success stories!

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