4 Things You Need To Do To Grow Your Sales

How To Grow Your Sales

Everyone worries about sales. You have built a great product and now need to sell it. Here are a few tips on how to grow your sales effectively.


Don’t forget about follow-ups


Hey, here are the stats: 80% of sales require five follow-ups after the meeting in order to be closed. Most people hate follow-ups, as they might be a bit annoying (well, or A LOT of annoying). It’s understandable, not everyone can bear those seven emails, each of which is stating “this is my last email”, but there is no end to it. So keep your follow-ups friendly and appealing. 


Make sure you follow up with prospects after your first meeting. A person asked you to share more info on your pricing model? Do it right away after the meeting. A few days later they may not be in a good mood for “learning more”.  


Also, to follow up with those who already said “nah” is not a bad thing. They may change their mind or be in a better position to purchase next time, and you never know! So you’d better organize all your contacts in one place and set up reminders for follow-ups. 


Stop using automation tools for everything


Automation makes life much easier, that’s a fact. Automation tools can make your sales process easier as well. But here’s the thing – people like to see human beings behind emails they are receiving or LinkedIn messages they are being bombarded with. I’m pretty sure you are seeing those messages too. “Hey, I’m Dylan from XYZ. At XYZ, we aim to provide our customers with the best MSP solutions… I thought we might chat in the next couple of weeks…” Yadda yadda yadda.


It’s probably the right time to think things over, steer away from hard automation and choose a tool that allows you to personalize messaging a little. Customers like to feel they are special, so give them that personal touch. Do your homework – look through prospective client’s business profiles, read some company news, and then show them that you are not just popping up out of the blue with an unsolicited sales pitch but actually know something about them.




Offer free trials


Yes, those you are offering free trials too are already your customers. But they behave differently from those for who you are already charging for your services. A study published by the American Marketing Association in 2015 stated that those who were attracted by free trials built a distinctly different relationship with the company in comparison with regular customers. Free trial users disappear easily, staying only about ⅓ as long as standard clients. At the same time, free trial customers tended to be way more responsive to marketing efforts and usage rates.


The same study says: “Usage intensity may be an important key to keeping customers in general because it reminds them about the personal value of the service. When it comes to free trial customers this effect appears to be particularly strong, suggesting it may be in a firm’s interest to encourage usage among these customers.”

Also, free trial clients are normally more malleable than regular ones. So what you need to make sure of is that they are receiving the best services they can even dream of. 


Don’t be shy to ask for referrals


According to Nielson, people are four times more likely to buy from you if they receive a recommendation from someone they trust. 


After you close a deal, customers are usually in a good mood. They got what they were looking for, and the experience was fantastic… So it’s time to request a referral! It’s the way the business world works, isn’t it? 


If you’re looking for more suggestions on the best ways to grow your sales, book a call with us!

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