Different types of prospects and how to approach each of them differently

To sell, you must first know your prospects. Who are these people? The potential recipients of the product or service that sells your organization are any company’s central axis.

Without prospects, a company would never exist, so let’s talk about what types of prospects can you find?


Let’s start talking about four essential conditions that each type of prospect must have: 


NEED: They have a need or problem that your product or service can solve. Sounds very logical and very clear; you’re right. But many companies sell the customer what they would like to buy. In most cases, they are wrong because they forget that one of the purposes of the sale is to meet the needs of the different types of leads and not their own.


TIME: How long will it take to make the purchase? Time plays a fundamental role in every purchasing process. Knowing the time interval, each prospect takes to make the purchase decision is vital to prioritizing each other.


BUDGET: The package leaflet must have sufficient financial means to purchase the product or service. Suppose you contact a prospect who has neither the economic capacity nor any possibility to achieve it! Forget about him for a while since none of the best effective sales techniques will help you sell him anything. Note: If the prospect is interested in your product or service, you can follow up with him after a few months to see if something changes regarding the budget. 


AUTHORITY: The prospect must have decision-making capacity. It is essential to qualify the leads before contacting them and confirm that they are people with decision-making power in the company you want to sell to. There are many types of leads within your sales funnel, and most of us lose them during the process. Only a tiny part provides us with conversions that materialize for purchase. Research and qualify!

Classifying prospects according to their status:

Current: those who buy your products or services regularly.

Assets: This type of prospect buys your products but not regularly, unlike the previous group.

Inactive: Those who have bought once or twice in a count.

Potentials: They are one of the most important groups to consider since they have never bought but are interested in it.

Probable: This type of prospect has never bought or expressed any interest in the company, but it can become a future customer due to its characteristics.


Classifying prospects according to their personality:


Those who find it difficult to decide between all the options in the market. How do we get the yes from the undecided prospect? Connect with them by using a short, direct speech. In each meeting, you need to create a start that grabs them: a surprise phrase or tell a short story that grabs their attention. Do not forget to always have a prepared ending and, if possible, a shocking one.


As a general rule, difficult prospects always find defects and objections in the product or service you are offering. But don’t be discouraged! An objection is sometimes a lack of information. Think about how you can manage them?

– Recognize the prospect’s right to think differently

– Raise our point of view

– Build an integrative proposal


As the name suggests, negotiators are one of the types of prospects looking for the best deal at the best price. The goal is to convince him of the convenience for both of you to play “win-win”. Thus, before contacting the prospect, we must confirm and be clear that we can “collaborate” in relation to what we offer and what they are willing to accept. In some premises of the offer, you have to give in and, in others, the prospect has to do so.


Remember, a sale is a relationship of two, and for it to work, both of you have to win. To achieve this, think about this value formula: a method to analyze whether the value received by the customer is aligned with the value paid.


To get the result to be positive, both quantities have to be equated logically.


The service provided to the customer allows you to add more value to your product offer, such as with correct management of the customer experience, a personalized treatment adapted to each customer, a competent team … among other differential details.


In short, the goal is to enrich your value formula as much as possible so that the customer decides on your product and not that of the competition, providing a better service and reducing the discomfort and insecurities of your customers. So when they put the formula into practice, they will obtain a positive balance in your favor, and your success will be guaranteed.

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