BitWide Celebrates Women

About The Initiative

The BitWide Women in Leadership initiative is to highlight the great contributions they have made to our nation and communities. Let’s inspire more women to share their stories and how they’ve impacted the community.

This year, in recognition of International Women’s Day, March 8, we ran a contest where participants were asked to nominate women who inspire them. The result of this contest is published here.

BitWide team

The Interviews

Debbie Reynolds in conversation with The Team BitWide on Data Privacy and Data Protection. 


She is also known as the ‘DATA DIVA’ and is recognized as one of the woman who knows Cyber Security by CyberSecurity Ventures. 

You can learn more about “Debbie Reynolds Consulting” here.

Yana Read, the Founder and CEO of @Pupper Select, an Alberta-based raw dog food company in conversation with the BitWide team on her journey as a female entrepreneur.

Know more about “Pupper Select” here.

Moving from Hong Kong to Provost, Alberta on her own at age 13, Dr. Josephine Tsang has had a life of endless opportunities. Seeing how Provost pulled together to help her thrive and succeed motivates Josephine to be a tireless champion of ensuring that everyone in Canada has accessible opportunities to achieve their hopes and dreams.


Josephine has activated community collaborations to build a more resilient, optimistic yet pragmatic future. She believes in integrating inquisitiveness and empathy to foster partnerships that powerfully scale collective efforts and impacts.


Learn more about Diversecities here.

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