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One of our clients, an Ontario based company providing HR technology solutions, just started hitting the market last year. Their team is quite small (three people), and while they are all heads down with ongoing inquiries from customers, we take over the most time consuming part of the sales process – lead generation and LinkedIn conversation management. 

Early conversations:

During our first conversations and onboarding meeting, we defined the initial optimal target for this client. As they work with companies’ leaders to provide smart and easy recruiting solutions, we were able to define the target very precisely. In the vast majority of organizations, recruiters and talent acquisition specialists are normally not decision makers. So we came to the decision that the ideal target for the client would be Project Managers. Geographically, we started looking after local Canadian mid-sized companies, with the possibility to expand that out to the United States in the near future. 

Project Managers are usually pretty busy and don’t spend much time reading 300 words essay-style LinkedIn messages. So we created messaging that is shorter, less pushy, and more human-friendly than most of your average LinkedIn pitches.

Response And Successes

1st month (total)

Months 2-6 (ongoing):

50 total with 15 highly-engaged
2 agreements were pending
targeted prospects
acceptance rate
conversations (digital)


The client has been consistently having meetings from conversations with prospects we started on their behalf on LinkedIn. With that campaign, they also managed to poach one of the companies that was in a final stage of signing the contract with another HR software solutions company.

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