What We Do

Many Senior Leaders (C-Suite in particular) don’t readily speak about the daily sales challenges their companies face.

As a Leader, if your time is fully engaged in opening and closing each sale, managing your sales pipeline or sales funnel then your company is also struggling to scale and you are struggling to effectively lead your organizational growth.

We get it because we have been witnessing it for decades as sales leaders ourselves and working with our clients on a daily basis.

There is a better way.

BitWide's sales outsourcing model uses proven sales funneling programs that we manage for your organization designed to push prospects into your pipeline quickly and consistently so you have strong leads available for your team to close as they need them.

At a high level, we create a sales funnel for your company that aims to market, build awareness, garner interest, educate and obtain a commitment from prospects and initiate discussion directly with you to close the deal.

More specifically (for our base level of service):

  • We get to know your product, offering, and differentiators.

  • We create a micro-website (1 – 2 pages maximum) if you need one designed to initiate interest, educate and gain an initial commitment from prospects.

  • We use professional networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, operating as a consultant for your organization to initiate conversations with high volumes (up to 1,000 per month) of designated targeted prospects.

  • We then use sequential messaging to further engage those prospects and work toward increasing their education on your product or service.

  • We drive those targeted prospects to the micro-site in order to further generate interest, educate and work toward a commitment to the next step.

  • We facilitate an introductory conversation between the prospect and someone on your team to transition the prospect from us to you.

  • We provide you with contact information or schedule virtual meetings between you and the acquired prospects.

Core Principles

Bitwide believes in taking work off your desk.

The two main reasons companies typically engage external specialists is to improve
efficiency and leverage specialized knowledge. Bitwide wants to allow you and your
leaders to be able to focus on building and growing your organization by removing many
of the time-consuming sales tasks from you and your team. Furthermore, your
organization will be able to leverage Bitwide’s over 50 years of combined sales
experience and expertise.

Bitwide believes in Focus, Discipline and Persistence is the most critical part of sales.

This may sound obvious, but due to limited time and resources, many organizations
simply migrate from one urgent matter to the next. Successful growth strategies must employ a consistent, repeated and focused effort that doesn't slow down when distractions arise:

1) We will reach out to new prospects every day, Monday to Friday.
2) We will follow up with unresponsive prospects every day, Monday to Friday.
3) We will immediately respond (during business hours) to every engaged prospect every day, Monday to Friday.

Bitwide believes in growing with you and your company.


Bitwide is focused on helping small to medium sized organizations with their
growth oriented needs through outsourced sales. We provide your company with the flexibility to scale up growth on a moment’s notice while also providing you with the ability to handle day-to-day prospecting needs at typically a fraction of the cost of a full-time sales person. Our
subscription price is based on how many prospects you need us to target each month and how you want us to connect with them.

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