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What We Do

On average Recruiting a new employee takes 22 Hours. What could you do with an extra 22 hours?

At about a quarter of the cost of an internal Recruiter Bitwide takes the time consuming work off your hands by handling the repetitive tasks surrounding the Recruitment process and lets you focus on only meeting with the best candidates for all of your open roles.

By the way, that one low cost is for an UNLIMITED number of roles!


Bitwide understands the significant amount of time, resources, and effort that you and your
team put into each new hire. Bitwide’s Unlimited Recruitment Model takes the burden of
recruitment off your plate. Basically, we will look after all of the tasks surrounding the
recruitment and hiring of a new team member that are typically managed off the side of you or
your hiring manager’s desk.

We have a 10 stage 35 step process that we follow to ensure we provide both you and your
candidates with the best possible experience. In essence, a designated person would inform us
that one of your leaders has a hiring need, for any type of role, and we will take over from
there. We will interview the Manager to figure out what they need, get all of the approvals in
place, put together a marketing plan, write the necessary job postings, market the role, paper
screen every candidate, host live face-to-face interviews with the shortlisted group of
candidates, and then provide you with our recommendations (usually 3-4 candidates). We will
also schedule the interviews with your leaders, and once a successful candidate has been
identified, we will handle the background checks through to offer management and scheduling
for onboarding.

Furthermore, throughout the entire recruitment process, candidates will be aware that they are
applying to work at your organization. We believe this co-branded approach to recruitment will
attract a higher quality candidate as we will be able to leverage and build your employment


Core Principles

Bitwide believes in taking work off your desk.

The two main reasons companies typically engage external specialists is to improve
efficiency and leverage specialized knowledge. Bitwide wants to allow you and your
leaders to be able to focus on building and growing your organization by removing many
of the time-consuming recruitment tasks from you and your team. Furthermore, your
organization will be able to leverage Bitwide’s over 50 years of combined recruitment
experience and expertise.

Bitwide believes you should hire the best fit.

This may sound obvious, but due to limited time and resources, many organizations
simply try to recruit from either a small pool of employee referred candidates or pick
(hopefully) the best candidate from a narrow search. Bitwide will be able to provide you
with the best range of candidates because:

1) We will reach out and interview qualified passive candidates.
2) We will advertise the position under your brand to attract candidates that are
motivated to join your company.
3) We will also reach out to our previously screened top candidates that may be a
good fit for your organization.

Bitwide believes in growing with you and your company.


Bitwide is focused on helping Calgary’s small to medium sized organizations with their
recruitment needs. Our clients, like yourself, do not need to hire a dedicated full-time
Recruiter. We provide your company with the flexibility to scale up recruitment on a
moment’s notice while also providing you with the ability to handle day-to-day
recruitment needs at typically a third of the cost of a full-time recruiter. Our
subscription price is based on your company’s overall current employee head count and