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Bitwide, a division of officejobs.com Inc. has been providing customized recruitment solutions to Canadian companies since 1987. 

While Office Jobs has been in business for over 30 years consistently proving to be much more than just Recruiters for our clients, Bitwide’s sole focus is supporting technologically advanced companies’ recruitment needs, with a concentration on developing the largest network of software developers in Western Canada.

We build custom solutions for our partners based on need that has included recruitment
marketing campaigns, customized Applicant Management Systems, current and prospective
employee assessment and benchmarking, temporary and contract workers at all levels, payroll
services for Contractors, even providing contract Recruitment Specialists that have provided
specialized talent acquisition services beyond straight-forward recruitment. The bottom line?
We are not “In-the-box” thinkers because we feel you don’t have “In-the-box” needs.

Our Calgary based team that would be supporting you has supported clients across Canada for
employers as small as 3 employees and up to 100,000 employees. Currently we support a
number of companies that are technologically advanced, 10-100 employees, and are focused
on growth. We feel our specialty aligns very well with your company’s objectives.

BitWide prides itself on our ability to effectively combine old-school Head Hunting with new
age Recruitment Marketing. We balance the effectiveness of using web marketing to attract
quality active Job Seekers, and when needed due to particularly challenging roles, we target
those passive individuals that are not spending their time posting resumes, applying for jobs
online or spending copious amounts of time on LinkedIn. Our approach builds trust and rapport
with the best of the best in order to convince them to consider your organization as their
employer of choice.

Our leadership team that will be guiding your Recruitment success has over 50 years of
experience finding the best in Calgary and Canada. This leadership team, as well as your
assigned recruiters, is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.