We have developed and follow a 10 stage 35 step process for all of our recruits.

1. Initiation:
1.1. Receive hiring requests from company leaders or designated contact
1.2. Acquire necessary approvals from senior leadership
1.3. Perform position review with Hiring Manager


2. Analysis:
2.1. Perform market review of role
2.2. Establish market salary parameters for role
2.3. Acquire salary parameters approval


3. Content:
3.1. Design recruitment plan
3.2. Build job posting
3.3. Create position in applicant tracking system (ATS)

3.4. Draft target company list for passive candidates


4. Blast:
4.1. Activate role in ATS
4.2. Broadcast role through public job sites
4.3. Market role on Social Media
4.4. Target and contact appropriate talent at target companies
4.5. Research potential Government funding programs for hire


5. Assess:
5.1. Manage and review all applications
5.2. Complete initial "paper" screen of applications
5.3. Complete phone screens of initial short list
5.4. Complete face to face meeting of quality shortlist


6. Facilitate:
6.1. Organize candidate review with Hiring Manager
6.2. Organize interviews with appropriate company leaders


7. Lather, Rinse, Repeat:
7.1. If positive result in interviews move to step 8
7.2. If no positive results move back to step 4 and/or 5.


8. Final Assessment:
8.1. Complete reference checks
8.2. Facilitate criminal record checks (if desired – extra cost per event)
8.3. Facilitate credit checks (if desired – extra cost per event)
8.4. Facilitate both positive and negative results to all parties


9. Offer:
9.1. Offer letter creation
9.2. Acquire offer letter approval from senior leaders
9.3. Offer review with prospective employee
9.4. Offer letter negotiation
9.5. Offer letter signature facilitation


10. Closure:
10.1. Manage all final candidate declines
10.2. Schedule and facilitate on-boarding including meetings, handbook provision, and
payroll facilitation
10.3. Relocation organization support (if required)

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