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Baldwin Staffing Core Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing between our Consultants and our Clients. You will never pay more than the outlined pricing. However, volume pricing is available as more Consultants are brought in to support your project. If a Consultant transitions to permanent within your organization there are NO transfer fees.


Permanent hires with salaries in excess of $50,000 will be provided for a fee that declines based on the annualized number of employees that are successfully sourced and placed by Baldwin Staffing.






Our Individual Contributors that are Independent Contractors are billed at a total rate that is based on the contractors hourly rate plus 20%


Employees of Baldwin Staffing being subcontracted to our clients are billed at their hourly cost plus 59%. However, all employer related burdens are covered in this cost (Taxes, EI, WCB etc.).


Find a consultant yourself that you want to keep an arms length relationship with? Our Flow-Through or payrolling rates start at an industry lowest 4.95%.


​Offshore contributors are billed per month:

~2 years of experience skillset: $2500/Mo ~ $15/Hr
Intermediate skillset​: $3500/Mo ~ $21/Hr
Senior skillset: $4500/Mo ~ $27/Hr


Offshore is best suited for development (app, web, programming), testing, etc., We typically remain the liaison for offshore Consultants to alleviate time zone pressures and communication gaps for you - there is no additional charge for this service.