Common Questions

We are always available for a conversation surrounding our sales outsourcing services, options available, some free advice, and any costs related to meeting your growth objectives.

Are your Sales Consultants Local?
How much does your service cost?
How many prospects to you reach out to each day?

A: All sales consultants live in either the US or Canada, and yes they are living, breathing human beings - in case you were wondering that too...




A. Our base pricing which includes the standard offering included under the "Services" tab is $745 per month based on a six-month commitment. If you have out of the box needs - we will customize your pricing, but it will be affordable.

A: We operate during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, and a single consultant will reach out to as many as 50 new prospects per day depending on the size of your target market.

How do you handle communicating the way that we want you to communicate?
I don't want my prospective customers to know I am using an outsourced sales solution. How confidential is your service?
How much time is needed for set-up and learning before you begin reaching out to prospects?

A: 90% of our communication is pre-determined and approved by you in advance. If we get a question we can’t answer we simply ask you to help us answer it.




A: All of our clients names are held in the strictest of confidence. Our Sales Consultants operate as Consultants of your organization, not ours so all public appearances surround your organization.

A: The set-up takes 2 weeks or less over 90% of the time depending on the complexity of your product or service. Once set up we begin targeting prospects immediately and momentum consistently builds over the following 4 weeks.

We have tens of thousands of prospects we need to target. Reaching out to 50 per day will take years - How do we accelerate that process?
Do you need access to our internal infrastructure like email?
Do you close deals for us?

A: Hire more consultants. Our pricing that targets 50 prospects per day is what one consultant can manage for your account. Realistically you could hire 5 of our Consultants for the cost of 1 inside sales rep, and you don’t pay us any bonuses or commissions. Those 5 Consultants could reach out to 5,000 targeted prospects per month.




A: No it’s not mandatory. However, there is a benefit to having an internal email address that Consultants can use for their online profiles. We would need to have web access to the email account if that is something you can provide.

A: Although we are not against closing a deal for you and if you have a highly transactional business that will happen. However, we are specialists at having prospects go through your sales funnel and provide you with the strongest and most interested leads. We follow a repetitive process, do most of the grunt work up front and you or your team should have a high probability to close the deal when you step in at the later stages of the sales process

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