Email Marketing:
French software company


This medium-sized French software company has established itself in Europe and was trying to enter the US market. The main objection was that the company sales representatives were lacking the North America background knowledge and were not sure what the best approach to their target market would be. Company came to BitWide with a request to suggest new paths to improve their sales outreach.

Early conversations:

After a few meetings with the company founder who was also deeply involved in the sales process, we agreed to start with an email campaign. The target market the client is chasing is a fast-paced and super creative one, so we decided to go with a stronger, more direct pitch than we would normally recommend. BitWide crafted two email sequences and launched an A/B testing campaign in order to see which path would generate better results. 


Geographically, we started with larger US states. We also developed a plan to expand to all other states, as the average target company for this client is a very remote-friendly one with employees located all across the country.

Response And Successes


The client started acquiring prospects within the first week of our engagement. Their French sales reps are currently having meetings with a number of US based prospects, and the company leaders are looking to hire a part-time US sales executive. 

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