Call Out Campaign:
Edtech company from France


This edtech company from France, having great success in Europe, was looking to expand rapidly throughout North America. All company representatives were based in Europe at the time we were engaged.


They were looking to hire a US or Canada-based specialist when they discovered there were companies specializing in lead generation and cold calling. They came to BitWide with a request to create a cold call campaign from A to Z (including manual list building).

Early conversations:

The client requested that BitWide build the initial contact list of 300 educational institutions across the US and call them within three months. Their sales manager wanted us to make up to three attempts to each number in order to ensure we had every opportunity to get connected. This customer also preferred us to work off script – with the actual script and FAQ being in place but with maximum flexibility given to the caller. From BitWide’s experience, it always helps the conversation flow more naturally.

The client also provided BitWide with a very clear value proposition and common objections.

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